Win-Hand Anywhere

Win-Hand Anywhere 8.7.1

Control your home computer through your Palm with Win-Hand

Win-Hand allows you to be virtually next to a computer even if you are thousands of miles away.

You can control your Windows computer in your Hand. Mouse and keyboard actions are transmitted to your desktop and simulated there. The resulting display is highly compressed and sent back to you Palm.

Win-Hand was designed based on a 8Kbps phone modem. A lot of modems are 32K or 56K bps. which makes Win-Hand really pleasant to use.

  • Goes through 99.5% of all Firewalls(1), Any Network(2), Any Router
  • Works with Any modem: Bluetooth, WiFi, 1xRT, GPRS, USB, etc.
  • From Anywhere you are with your PDA to Anywhere your Remote computer is located

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Win-Hand Anywhere


Win-Hand Anywhere 8.7.1

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